Interior 3D Visualization in 3ds Max and Corona. Tutorial.

​Hello. My name is Dmitry Revyakin. I am the author of the 3D visualization “Arcs”, which has been published on several sites. Some 3d artists asked me about the lighting of this scene, so I decided to share these settings using the example of the picture you see below. For work, I used 3ds Max and Corona Renderer.


The project has rooms of different styles and colors, but they all have the same lighting setup.

In my projects, I always strive for the softness and harmony of scene composition. While the black floor interiors were the first in the renderings set, inspired by Christopher Johnson’s photographs, this beige interior was made the last. I thought that the light that I got in that interior would be perfectly combined with such a color scheme, a set of furniture, and decor.

I want to admit I don’t like doing mainstream. And I did this beige interior almost forcing myself 🙂 But I was sure that the idea was worth it.

I bought furniture for this scene from 3dsky store, except for books. They are taken from the Evermotion libraries.

I adjusted all the materials in the scene to the color scheme. I tried to add softness to everything and remove the gloss. He was out of place here.

This is how the scene looks in the 3ds max window.

I used framing to create the composition. In general, this project, in my opinion, was created for framing, since it has many arches and columns. I just blurred the foreground a little to add some depth to the frame.

And now about the lighting itself

Corona Render lighning settings

The scene is only lit by Corona Sky using the Sky model – Rawa Fake. This model allows you to change all the sky settings. That’s all.

In rooms with small windows, I don’t use complex lighting systems like HDRI. As usual, small windows will give little light, acc. the lighting system must be flexible to set everything up correctly, to illuminate all areas of the interior the way I want.

In rooms with large windows, 90% of stained glass will be HDRI. This is important in order to harmoniously combine the interior with the external environment. It wasn’t needed in this scene.

Below you can see the render setting, Exposition, Tones and more.

With so many settings in Corona Frame Buffer, I didn’t even use Photoshop. Modern rendering systems can do everything, you just need to correctly formulate what you want from them.

I write this in all my lessons: my settings are always individual for each scene. I set up the scene until I see the same on the monitor screen as in my head. And how the scene should look like I think in advance. It would be more correct to draw up ideas with sketches, but I don’t have time for that.

That’s all. Once again, I draw your attention to what you can do beautifully without any special secrets, loots, plugins and other things. But you definitely need to understand what you want to get in the end, what result.

Thank you all for your attention, and I wish everyone only beautiful projects.

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