13 Interesting Design Blogs

New ideas do not arise from scratch and your inspiration must constantly be fed from different sources. Nature, travel, books, or movies. I decided to share with you the best design blogs that I read regularly. I hope you enjoy them and get inspired to create great things too!

1. Pioneers

Pioneers blog in three main areas – corporate identity and logos, website creation, and packaging. The web design section contains a lot of news in this area. The latest trends are described and collections of the best sites/fonts/design solutions are regularly published.

The section “About Printing Design” contains many articles on packaging, shop window design, there are several examples of industrial design and corporate identity elements. They also collected many beautiful posters and postcards.

2. Koloro

In their blog, Koloro regularly writes about everything that is interesting to them and has found application in their work. Since their agency specializes in creating brands. They devote the lion’s share of their work to research. When developing the packaging design for a large Ukrainian company, they conducted a detailed analysis of the dairy market, the main information from which was posted on the blog.

They also write a lot of useful materials about branding (tips for creating a personality brand that is already on the site) and the development of corporate identity elements.

3. DESIGNogolik

DESIGNogolik is an ideal place for those who like to read a lot about design. It will not work in another way – there are more than 1300 design solutions from all over the world! The blog contains a lot of ideas – from interior design to new products in the fashion industry. From them, we learned that Darth Vader is often the inspiration for industrial design items.


OTAKOYI write about corporate identity, branding, and the intricacies of online stores business with humor and benefit. They are also passionate about web design and share interesting news from the field. The guys also translate infographics and write a lot about color – perception, trend colors, difficulties in choosing a button color for a website, etc.

5. The Best Packaging

The Best Packaging collects the latest packaging examples and concepts to help designers find inspiration. The blog contains 1,150 articles with striking examples of packaging that can already be found on store shelves. Each article contains a link to the designer or agency that created the package. This allows client companies to find the best performers for their ideas.

For the convenience of users, the articles are divided into convenient product categories: wine, snacks, clothing, perfume, chocolate, etc. One of the most popular categories is milk packaging. In addition, TBP duplicates the news on Pinterest, where they have their own feed.

6. What the pack?

What the pack? publish articles on branding and packaging, among which there are works by both domestic and foreign designers. Their blog is split into several categories. Lynch has collected examples of creative packaging designs – the guys really take the best and do it regularly. In the Special Projects category, there is a mini-library that contains the best recommended books on design and branding in general.

The creators of this media project consider their mission to be “to bring the Cyrillic brand design to the western level of quality and to acquaint the foreign community with the best domestic ideas and teams.”

7. Design mania

Design mania is a blog for real web design maniacs. A distinctive feature of the blog is the availability of many free materials for the work of a web designer – icons, Photoshop brushes, fonts, etc. There you can also find useful materials for resolving controversial issues with clients, useful services for designers, advice on solving complex problems.

8. Oscar

Oscar’s blog is dedicated to the latest news in the field of web design. Here you can find many useful tips to improve your site’s performance. They recently released a short tutorial, The 7 Deadly Sins Landing Page, where they give examples of common mistakes web designers make and how to avoid them. Also on their page, they talk about their personal experience in creating successful sites.

9. Blog "Aboutdesign"

The guys from “Aboutdesign” share a digest of events from the world of design in Ukraine, select books for designers and talk about various convenient tools. They have a lot of tutorials and practical tips for UX designers to achieve the most user-friendly site experience. Popular articles include posts on choosing the right laptop for a designer and tips for those looking to become a successful freelancer.

10. Beloweb

Beloweb generously shares a selection of free icons, photos, and website templates with readers – a real godsend for aspiring web designers. The blog contains many different tools for creating a “friendly” UI design of the site and the 35th collection of free photos in excellent quality has already been released. In addition, they have a whole section of useful information for beginners – from tips on how to design a resume to a step-by-step description of how to create individual site elements.

11. Alexey Bychkov

Alexey has been designing for more than 10 years and speaks freely about the intricacies of his work. He always willingly shares his colossal experience with readers and there is a lot to learn here. The humorous and slightly sarcastic writing style creates a pleasant atmosphere on the blog.

12. Olga Romanova

Olga is delighted with calligraphy and fonts – as well as we are! Read more about the psychology of font perception in our article. She is a letter-writer and has dedicated an entire board to the passion on Pinterest. Olga also makes cartoon illustrations for bank cards – a very interesting hobby. In her free time, she travels and shares her impressions of the trips.

13. Nastya Manno

Another great blog from web designer Nastya – here she shares useful tools for creating websites and detailed tutorials on drawing in Photoshop. In her blog, Nastya also writes reviews of the books she has read, among which there is one of our favorites – “Turn on your heart and brains. How to build a successful creative business ”by Daria Bikbaeva.

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